2 09 2007


Welcome to ‘THE PRETENDER’. My name is M.J. Angus and I am a self proclaimed ‘pretender’. I pretend to be someone I am not. For the last four years of my life I have changed my name over fifty times, had at least twenty jobs, undertaken an important role in many different events and have been successful in doing this time and time again despite not being qualified. This website has been set up to display some of my finest work.

My website contains:

About – A more detailed description of me and what it is that I am doing.

Basketball – Finest work number one.

Coles – Finest work number two.

Herbalife – Finest work number three.

Reporter – Finest work number four.

Gallery – Images of some of my other pretender experiments I have successfully pulled off.

Names – A collection of different names I have used over the last four years with these experiments.

Tips – Advice on how you can pull off the same stunts that I do.

Suggestions – You can leave me a comment and suggest other experiments I could possibly undertake.

FAQ – The five most common questions I get asked on my website.